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Employer or Executive Search Firms

If you are an employer or an executive search firm, you may find our professional research services to be a huge relief.

We either provide you with the target names and number or we do the candidate generation for you.
Consulting Services

Many clients are not sure exactly how to proceed and are in need of consulting services. 

Our team of experienced research pro's will put together a customized plan to help you find those hard to find people or candidates.
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Sourcing - Name Generation Lists

Receive a list of sourced and verified names for your recruiting. Provide target companies for us to start with, or we can assist with the company research by identifying the companies in your industry. We target passive candidates. Information we generally provide includes:
  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Title
  • Phone Number
  • Email (If Available)
  • City and State
  • Cell Phone (If Available)
  • Comments
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Candidate Generation Program

Let us help you with your difficult staffing projects. The services that best fit your needs will vary based upon your workload, type of position you are recruiting, your hiring manager's preferences, and your time restrictions to fill a job.

Provides 5 who are qualified & interested in your position. You, also, receive a report with the candidates, contacts (including their reaction to your opportunity, compensation where possible) and the research names generated for the project. 

The project is complete if you hire. The project cap is 80 contacts, even if 5 candidates are not presented, or 150 contacts for the 10 candidate program 
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Consulting Services Talent Mapping Purpose

Provide solutions for complex hiring or Business Intelligence situations that require talent mapping, large numbers of names for:
  • Succession Planning
  • Board of Directors
  • Key Management
  • Candidate Development
  • Multiple Hires for similar positions 
The program is based upon your needs and budget. We develop a variety of employment solutions which you can evaluate.  We then help you refine and implement the project you choose. Fees - Quoted based upon project requirements. You will receive a proposal with our specifications, timing and fee range.
Call Tom DeBourcy today at: 1-800-777-4488 /1-847-487-8100 or email us at: tom@prs1.com 
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