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Receive a list of sourced and verified names for your recruiting. Provide target companies for us to start with, or we can assist with the company research by identifying the companies in your industry. We target passive candidates. 

 Information we generally provide includes:
  • Company
  • Contact
  • Title
  • Phone / Ext.
  • City / State
  • Email (If available)
  • Mobile Phone (If Available)
  • Comments
Purpose - Improve your productivity and effectiveness of your contacts. This program jump starts your recruiting by providing a list of verified names for you to contact as quickly as possible. We improve your effectiveness in reaching contacts by providing eMail addresses (where possible) and extensions or Dial-by-Name or Operator Transfer information.

Fees are billed at the completion of the assignment for all jobs except Custom Projects. Custom Projects are billed after every 50 names delivered.

Guarantee - We provide extra names in a project to cover any incorrect names (The person left the company last Friday / That is the correct person and you reach them through this office but they are located in Europe / etc.). We will replace names that are incorrect, if the total number of correct names falls below the project guarantee (25 or 50 or 100).
Timing - We attempt to complete a 25 name assignments in 5 -7 working days. It normally takes 1 - 1 1/2 days of research to receive your first group of names. You usually receive a e-mail with a partial list of names on a daily basis. Technical positions can take longer.

Note - We are sourcing based upon a type of company, titles, location and/or position description supplied by you. The names we generate will be as close as possible to that title or function. Most research can be confined to the geographic area that you choose. Our staff calls to confirm the name and title or function of the names that we source. However, we are not talking to or qualifying a person after the name is confirmed. That would compromise your recruiting. You should expect that your recruiters may have to further qualify the names.
We are identifying people from companies that you choose or direct us our research toward. Therefore, we do NOT verify or guarantee that the names we source will match your salary guidelines. You can, also, expect us to know that the person is a Controller, however, it is impossible for us to know if they have a CPA, MBA, or if they formerly worked at a at a major accounting firm.
 25 Names 
50 Names
100 Names
$ 750.00 Your Cost
$ 1,500.00 Your Cost
$ 2,750.00 Your Cost
$ 1,000.00 Your Cost
$ 2,000.00 Your Cost
* Quotes Based Upon the Time Required and the Project Difficulty.
Call Tom DeBourcy today at: 1-800-777-4488 /1-847-487-8100 or email us at: 
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