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Candidate Generation Program

Let us help you with your difficult staffing projects. The services that best fit your needs will vary based upon:
  • Your workload
  • Type of position
  • Manager's preferences
  • And your time restrictions
Provides 5 candidates who are qualified & interested in your position. You, also, receive a report with the candidates, contacts (including their reaction to your opportunity, compensation where possible) and the research names generated for the project.  
1. Defining the Position
At the beginning of your search, we work with you to establish job requirements and understand how they may be affected by your company culture. We also, need your input to direct our research to preferred companies. A job profile is sent to you for approval.

2. Process
PRS staff members research and source qualified employed individuals from targeted companies. We qualify candidates based upon your requirements for educational background, experience & current position responsibilities. Each candidate is provided full information on your company, the position responsibilities, reporting relationship, & location. You are presented with people who are interested in your opportunity.
3. Candidates
Typically candidates that we contact on your behalf are (Pasive Candidates) employed and therefore not actively looking for a job change. It is, therefore, critical to contact these individuals within a few days of their being recruited to maintain their interest level. In addition, because these are pasive candidates, they were probably not looking for a new job, you need to sell them on your opportunity. 

At this point, candidates know about you company and the opportunity. They are expecting your call. You should call and telephone-screen the candidate. (Remember the resumes of these recruited candidates are not written for your position. They probably do not have all of the person's experiences. It is, therefore, important that you phone-screen the candidate.)

Ideally, you provide feedback to our staff within 48 hours on the qualifications of prospective candidates. Any unqualified candidates are then replaced.

Upon completion of the assignment, you receive a report with: profiles of interested candidates, all names identified in our project sourcing, and notes on contacts that we made on your behalf.
The program can be expanded if you need further candidates. In addition, you can hire multiple candidates from a project at no additional fee. 

4. Fee
The Candidate Generation Program fee is $4,995.00 for 5 Candidates and the program can be expanded to 10 candidates for a fee of $8,995.00. This is a retained fee. It is billed at the start of the assignment. Our invoice terms for this program are - Upon Receipt.    

5. Project Limits
If you hire an individual from our efforts, the program is complete at that point, regardless of the number of candidates presented or timing.
Should a project not be complete at the point where we have made 40 contacts on your behalf, we will discuss our findings with you and request alternate recruiting strategies. We will call up to an additional 40 contacts. If we are unable to provide 5 candidates, your assignment is complete at 80 contacts. We will provide you a final report and the project is finished. The 10 Candidates program limit is 150 contacts.
6. Canceling
If you cancel, during a project, a fee of $125/Hour will be invoiced for work performed up to the full project fee. Projects canceled after 7 business days will be billed for the full project fee. 

Candidate Contacts
We can contact your list of names that have been identified from prior searches, job Boards, association lists conferences or employee referrals. We will update the contact information, track down people who have changed positions, and/or recruit potential candidates. Fees are based upon the information that you require and the time needed. We will provide you a fee range for these project. 25 names is usually about $1,900 to $2,200.
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