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Name Sourcing & Research Programs

-Recruitment List- Candidate Sourcing 
-Talent Mapping 
-Candidate Contacts 
-Custom Research Programs

Candidate Generation Program

Delivers 5+ qualified, interested candidates for one low fixed fee.  Includes the sourcing, recruitment and background profiles .   Also, documentation of all contacts and sourcing.

Professional Research Services, Inc.

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What You Need:     A Reliable Recruiting Research Partner

Corporate Talent Acquisition Departments:

-Work overload assistance
-Replacing a position currently occupied
-Outsourcing of the recruiting of confidential or delicate positions
      Replacing a position currently occupied
      Recruiting during a company reduction
-Assistance with your most difficult recruiting assignments
-Finding people with new technology skills
-Locating candidates for difficult locations

Executive Search Firms:

-Direct Sourcing Research assistance
-Outsourcing difficult or overload positions
-candidate contacts
-help with positions outside your comfort zone - those "Oh by the way", I, also, want you to work on --- positions

What We Provide:

Recruiting  -  Research Alternatives -
-Candidate Sourcung - Recruiting List Name Generation
-Candidate Development Recruiting Services
-Candidate Contacts (From your list or a job posting)
-Talent Mapping (business intelligence or succession planning)
-Talent Acquisition Strategy Services
These programs can provide you results across all industries and levels of positions.    The research that you receive targets difficult-to-find  passive candidates.  We, also, provide you all of our contacts and back-up research names.  We provide a reliable resource weather you are a talent acquisition professionals, an executive search firms, or a contract recruiter.  We help you to maximize your recruiting efforts while keeping your recruiting costs to a minimum.  

Call Tom DeBourcy today at: 1-800-777-4488 /1-847-487-8100 or email us at: 

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