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Candidate Generation Program

Delivers 5+ qualified, interested candidates for one low fixed fee.  Includes the sourcing, recruitment and background profiles .   Also, documentation of all contacts and sourcing.

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Who We Are

Professional Research Services, Inc. / PRS has 20+ years of Talent Acquisition Research Recruiting experience.   We provide Candidate GenerationRecruiting List Name GenerationTalent Mapping  and  Recruitment Consulting services.   Our research helps you with work overloads in your department, outsourcing of the recruiting for confidential positions, and assistance with your most difficult recruiting assignments.    These programs can provide you results across all industries and levels of positions.    The research that we provide targets difficult-to-find  passive candidates.  We also provide you all of our contacts and back-up research names.  We provide a reliable resource weather you are a talent acquisition professionals, an executive search firms, or a contract recruiter.  We help you to maximize your recruiting efforts while keeping your recruiting expenses to a minimum.

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